QATs for Victoria (VCE®) 2020

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VCE® Quality Assessment Tasks (QATs) are a comprehensive set of assessment resources for use with School Assessed Coursework (SACs) and examinations.

The assessment tasks provide an excellent resource for teachers to use directly with their students: both for assessment or as preparation for assessment. Delivered by email, they can be simply printed for immediate student use.

We recommend that teachers use a variety of assessment tasks to ensure the security and integrity of an assessment program.

Strictly NOT for private tutor use.

Note: All SAC tasks and exams are published in Word.


QATs for School Assessed Coursework (SACs)

  • Introduction - identifies the essential elements of the task for students, in relation to course VCAA outcomes, content, task types and instructions.
  • Task advice - includes relevant source material, questions and marks. Material such as newspaper articles, case study descriptions, scenarios and graphics such as flow charts may be included.
  • Teacher advice - includes any specific task management issues and links to VCAA requirements.
  • Solution Pathway - provides teachers and students with a description of a sample response and the basis on which marks for the task/question are allocated. Answers are both an excellent point of reference for teacher marking and for student self examination of their work.

VCE® Examination QATs

The VCE® Examinations include similar features to those outlined above, including a Solution Pathway. They are however typically longer and provide exam instruction to the students consistent with VCAA guidelines.

The VCE® QATs (Quality Assessment Tasks) make assessment of performance for School Assessed Coursework (SACs) and exams reliable and accurate.


NEW Units 1 and 3 QATs for 2020 will be emailed to schools from January 28 and Units 2 and 4 from May 8.

* Trial exams emailed from July 20.

* New practice exams to be published for 2020 in ALL Units 3 and 4 subjects.

VCE® 2020 Brochures

QATs brochures are interactive. Simply save completed PDF to your computer and attach to an email and send to Alternatively, brochures can be printed and posted or faxed. (Note: Unfortunately we do not take credit card orders.)

QATs orders are delivered by email

Selected content from the VCE® Study Designs and Advice for Teachers is owned by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) and reproduced with permission. VCE is a registered trademark of the VCAA. The VCAA does not endorse this publication and makes no warranties regarding the correctness or accuracy of its content. To the extent permitted by law, the VCAA excludes all liability for any loss or damage suffered or incurred as a result of accessing, using or relying on the content.

Faculty/Learning Area brochures below contain related subject information.

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BUSINESS UNITS 1-4 (SAC tasks and Exams)

Accounting, Legal Studies, Business Management and Economics for 2020


ENGLISH UNITS 3-4 (Exams only)

English, EAL and English Language for 2020


HEALTH, PE AND OUTDOOR UNITS 1-4 (SAC tasks and Exams)

Health, PE and Outdoor for 2020


HUMANITIES UNITS 1-4 (SAC tasks and Exams)

AGP, History: Global Empires, Ancient, 20th Century, Australian and Revolutions for 2020


MATHEMATICS UNITS 1-4 (SAC tasks and Exams)

General, Further, Methods and Specialist Mathematics for 2020


SCIENCES UNITS 1-4 (SAC tasks and Exams)

Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology for 2020


The Arts 1-4

Media, Art, Studio Arts for 2020



Food Studies, Applied Computing, Data Analytics, Software Development, PD&T for 2020



Full listing for 2020



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