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QATs - current year

QATs (Quality Assessment Tasks) are an invaluable teachers' resource used for assessment within Victoria (VCE®), NSW (HSC and Year 11), South Australia / Northern Territory (Stage 2 SACE), and Queensland (QCE).

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QATs provide the ideal resources for non-exam and exam-based assessment across Australia.

Professionally designed and delivered electronically, QATs have been created to save you time and effort while providing assessment which is reliable, accurate and compliant with requirements specified by education authorities in each State/Territory.

Check out the resources available in your State/Territory and preferred subject area by selecting the link below.

QATs have been used by hundreds of schools throughout Victoria, NSW, South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland.

We recommend that teachers use a variety of assessment tasks to ensure the security and integrity of an assessment program.

Strictly NOT for private tutor use.